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WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU – A study of over 1,400 employees found that social skills are the single best predictor of job performance ratings and assessments of potential for promotion for employees in a wide range of jobs.

Social skills in general are very broad, but applying social skills to the workplace can ultimately help you improve your rapport and performance.

Some quick tips to help improve your social skills:

The SOFTEN Approach

Smile: Smiling at someone sends a positive non-verbal message.

Open posture: Keep your arms open when interacting with others, this sends the message that you are open to the conversation and new concepts.

Forward lean: Leaning forward while talking to others brings you closer to them. It shows that you’re engaged and interested.

Touch: In some situations and for some people, touching someone else is a sign that you’re interested in what they have to say. Okay, we know that maybe this can be taken the wrong way in the workplace, so unless you’re certain your interaction is appropriate we suggest you avoid it.

Eye contact: Looking someone in the eyes and making eye contact is essential to showing that you’re listening and interested.

Nod: Nodding is very helpful feedback for speakers becuase it shows that you are listening and understanding them. This keeps the conversation moving along, which of course is essential to ensuring a positive relationship.


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