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Newswire-ASTD-10086083-astd-logoASTD LATEST NEWS – What is ASTD? The American Society for Training and Development. The international conference is held every year, and it’s THE premier event for training and development professionals from around the world. This year’s conference was held in Orlando, Florida. Of course, TBROI had to be there, so we packed up our mouse ears and headed off. It was four days of collaboration, learning, sharing of best practices, seminars and workshops with the top people in the industry. Yes, it sounds a bit nerdy, but I’m proud to admit…we totally geeked out on it! As Sabeen would say, “It was a whole world of information.”

We immersed ourselves in the conference. Each day over breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (by the way, they will spread virally through California soon enough) we laid out our plans to systematically attack the seminar schedule. Each one of us would attend several sessions and we’d meet in between to share notes. We were like Dungeon and Dragons dorks huddling up in corners of the convention center sharing spells and riddles to unlock the next level of nerdi-ness.

It was a blast and an incredibly educational experience. We met so many great people there but one person in particular we connected with on a different level. His name is Dr. Sardek Love from The Eastern Seaboard (that’s pronounced Sardeek and Love like…”love.”) Yes, his name is Dr. Love! Awesome human being Dr. Love is, and we feel lucky to have come together with him. Check out Dr. Love; we plan to be seeing more of the good Doctor in the near future.

Check out more about our ASTD trip, our day at the beach, and our exploits in Orlando. The sights and the sounds are on Facebook. And you can listen to Calling Dr Love by Kiss here because I know you want to.