We’re a group of forward thinking team building professionals who love what we do!

Initially, the team came together while working for a Corporate Event and Team Building company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Between us, we have booked, planned, and managed thousands of corporate and social events and facilitated individual, team and organizational development programs for hundreds of Silicon Valley businesses, non-profit organizations, and sports teams.

Today’s employees are better, smarter, more informed, and more discerning than ever; they want team development that’s challenging, intelligent, and fun…and they want to get something out of it.  Of course, employers want to get something out of developing their people, too!

We agree! The staff at TBROI think you should all get something out of it.  As overused a cliche as it may be, we feel that our programs are a clear “Win-Win.”

This is why we created TeamBuilding ROI.

It’s intelligent, fun, hip, effective, and it produces results.

That makes sense to us, and we believe it will make sense to you.


Let the evolution begin.