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06/12/13 – We believe!  Here is a description from for a book of the same name by John F. Zagotta: “Guerrilla Teambuilding outlines specific steps for a project manager’s use to create new work groups, implement effective team processes, and achieve success in ongoing team efforts. It accomplishes these goals by establishing win-win working relationships between manager and team members, using specific strategies designed to maximize individual and team-based strengths, leverage the positives of team diversity, optimize effective team member communication, and achieve individual and team peak performance states.”   ______________________________________________________ 10/24/12 – GUERRILLA TEAM BUILDING – Host a MURDER MYSTERY SCAVENGER HUNT at your holiday event! The Corporate Event experts at TeamBuilding ROI have performed at, booked, designed, and fretted about holiday parties for many years. In our various capacities, we have managed basically every aspect of a great party (and some not-so-great ones, too!) So our friends ask us, “When you have had a DJ and Greenscreen and Live Band and Game Show, what else can a team do that is cool? Interactive? Budget-conscious?” That’s why we invented the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt…coming soon to a venue near you! Plan with us…let’s write it together, or let our team of professional writers and actors put it together, soup-to-nuts. Choose the murderer and their victim and we will take it from there. Stage the murder, set the scene, and make your guests compete to solve the crime. Whodunnit this Holiday Season? TeamBuilding ROI has your corporate holiday party plan.       __________________________________________________________________________________________ NEEDS ASSESSMENT = SUCCESS! We want to put your group in the best program possible. Sometimes, that means you just wanna hang out and have some food and games to get to know each other a little bit better. That is great, and we have a lot of fun stuff to make that happen without a huge commitment to “changing the world through team building.” Often, though, we find that there is a real sense of purpose to your Requests for Info or a Proposal. When we talk with you, we try and ask the right questions to make sure you are getting what you want without a lot of what you don’t need! We find that just a few minutes of this discovery process can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having a successful event. TBROI facilitators have worked with a diverse set of groups. The simple things like demographic info, timing, location, budget, and past team building experiences (good AND bad!) ensure that you are in a program that makes sense. You CAN have it all…but you have to decide what “all” really is. Call us or email us and we will walk you through it. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Team Building GOOD!…      ...

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10/21/12 – THE MISS-MANAGEMENT CHRONICLES (we’re laughing WITH them…) VIDEO EVIDENCE HERE! We have been mismanaged before. We have also (more than likely!) done some mismanaging in our careers. But rather than just rely on more personal anecdotal info, we thought you should hear a little more. After all…Nothing is more powerful than testimonials from the mouths of the mismanaged! Enjoy: _______________________________________________________________________________ 1/25/12 – RESPONDING TO NEGATIVE CRITICISM ON YELP – What do you do when you are skewered on Yelp? It happens to the best of businesses (and the worst). Yes, there are some services out there to fight back (Reputation 911, Reputation Defender, and more), but when someone goes after you, time is of the essence. So DON’T do what this guy did! After a scathing 1-star review on Yelp that threatened legal action, our fearless Mis-Management Poster Child responded by, well, not responding. Instead, he sent his marketing manager in for some clean-up duty. Oooooops! Think about that for a second…you complain about someone directly on Yelp, and they send in their minion to refute your charges? That would make me even hotter. Responding directly, immediately, and truthfully to negative reviews on Yelp is essential, but it is tricky business. You can’t respond to all negative criticism – talk about thin skin – but when you are absolutely compelled to respond based on the seriousness of the accusations, follow one simple rule: DON’T SEND SOMEONE ELSE IN TO DO YOUR DIRTYWORK! – Ryan Rosoff ___________________________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: In no way does TBROI support or condone the opinions and actions depicted in the Mis-Management Chronicles. This is intended to be an example of what absolutely not to say or do if you’re in a position of management. Everything you are about to read is true. Only the manager’s names were changed to protect their dignity. MMC #117 (This one actually came out of the mouth of the CEO of a multi-million dollar company) Employee: (To the CEO) “I’ve prepared a complete report with everything you need to review the company’s current financial status.” CEO: “That’s great, just make sure anything that you put together for me is...

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We have partnered with the world-renowned David North to build  (not his real name!) to create the coolest team building program this side of Alaska. Your team can choose a variety of models or make up there own…we will provide the competition, the tools, and some comprehensive instruction.  This works as a stand-alone event or as an add-on to our Food Truck Challenge. Chill out a little bit and let us handle the day’s activities.   Our Ice Sculpting Team Building Challenge will freeze out the competition (Okay, we’re done with the ice-speak…promise!)...

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ASTD LATEST NEWS – What is ASTD? The American Society for Training and Development. The international conference is held every year, and it’s THE premier event for training and development professionals from around the world. This year’s conference was held in Orlando, Florida. Of course, TBROI had to be there, so we packed up our mouse ears and headed off. It was four days of collaboration, learning, sharing of best practices, seminars and workshops with the top people in the industry. Yes, it sounds a bit nerdy, but I’m proud to admit…we totally geeked out on it! As Sabeen would say, “It was a whole world of information.” We immersed ourselves in the conference. Each day over breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (by the way, they will spread virally through California soon enough) we laid out our plans to systematically attack the seminar schedule. Each one of us would attend several sessions and we’d meet in between to share notes. We were like Dungeon and Dragons dorks huddling up in corners of the convention center sharing spells and riddles to unlock the next level of nerdi-ness. It was a blast and an incredibly educational experience. We met so many great people there but one person in particular we connected with on a different level. His name is Dr. Sardek Love from The Eastern Seaboard (that’s pronounced Sardeek and Love like…”love.”) Yes, his name is Dr. Love! Awesome human being Dr. Love is, and we feel lucky to have come together with him. Check out Dr. Love; we plan to be seeing more of the good Doctor in the near future. Check out more about our ASTD trip, our day at the beach, and our exploits in Orlando. The sights and the sounds are on Facebook. And you can listen to Calling Dr Love by Kiss here because I know you want...

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Understanding the ME in team

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Developing the individuals on your team is critical in keeping employees motivated, inspired, and to ensure a return on your hiring investment. These programs get to the core of the “me” in your people. Personality profiles and management styles raise awareness and can be life changing for the individual as well as the team.  ...

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TBROI LATEST NEWS…1/24/12 –What a January! We are so proud of our growth in a short time…our team is the best. Silicon Valley team building is a competitive business, and there are a lot of good companies out there. We are fortunate to have awesome clients and some creative heads on our side. We have now launched Food Truck Team Building, the Wedding Feud Game Show, and we are working on spreading the word about our DoggieVille program. FUN STUFF! Thanks so much to our clients at Burr Pilger Mayer, Hayes Mansion, the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, Cisco, Genentech, Maximize Events, and all of the rest of our supporters. Props to you…we are working hard to bring the best team building programs to San Jose, San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area. Keep checking back for update REQUEST A PROPOSAL _______________________________________________________________________________________ 8/4/11 – Animal Training Team Building? Who does that? TBROI does. TBROI is proud to announce our partnership with Doggieville in Mountain View California! We have recently launched the Animal Training – Doggie Whisperer program which is a killer animal training experience that links back to people training and development. It’s very… cool and super exciting for us to partner with Chris Hoffman owner of Doggieville and his incredible staff headed up by Head Animal Trainer Anna Morey. Gregg Dean, our TBROI Special Agent hatched this program putting to work his years of experience as an animal trainer for Seaworld, Busch Gardens, Marine World and more. Gregg also has spent some time with Jack Hannah and has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Follow the posts to hear more about animal training and how it links to people training, see pictures and video, and hear crazy animal stories. Have a look at Paul from the TBROI crew training Moose from Doggieville!...

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