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Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. (can you find another quote maybe…this one is confusing. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower Establish credibility, create common ground, provide evidence, and connect emotionally. This is the path to being a great persuader and a great leader. This program examines: How to be influential without force feeding; how to speak up without being too out spoken; how to inspire people to listen to you. Through a variety of experiential activities, we’ll show you how to persuade your audience with ease and avoid the pitfalls that often undermine your best intentions. This is not about Jedi mind tricks, it’s about establishing relationships. Building a lasting impression and solid rapport with clients and coworkers can be easy once you master the Art of Persuasion This program is for: Anyone charged with leading people, building relationships, or collaborating with a team (especially sales people!) REQUEST A...

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GOT GAME – Go head-to-head with co-workers on a giant video gaming system. Capture the virtual flag, pull everyone together for a round robin sports tournament, or launch a battle of the bands. Geek out on the latest technology and actually serve a purpose at the same time. We like that! Got Game is a cool and cutting edge way of bringing your people together for a common purpose. It’s crazy fun, and the elements involved with being an effective and successful video gaming team transfer directly to what it takes to be a functional work team. TBROI will set up the games and drive the discussion that links this together. When we say video games, the immediate thought may be, “Yeah, if you’re 35 and living in your mom’s basement.” Right? But that’s just not the case anymore. Global businesses have been using online video gaming for years as a way to bring virtual teams together. In today’s world, video is a huge part of life, and for many up and coming corporate employees, it’s a way of life. Video gaming is in a whole new realm and truly serves a legitimate purpose in the development of people on many levels. You got game? We’ll find out. REQUEST A...

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ROPES COURSE – A High Ropes Course is an extreme team building thrill ride and also happens to be one of the most impactful tools for experiential learning. For years, the Ropes Course (also called a Challenge Course) has been instrumental in delivering high level team building (no pun intended!) Like many other team building activities, you must collaborate with your partners to complete initiatives. This just happens to take place 25 feet off the ground. For most, this changes the game slightly. Overcoming elements of fear and placing trust in others to support you through the course as you ascend, conquer, and come back to earth is an experience that you cannot get with any other team activity. This is a favorite of TBROI facilitators, and with over 1,000 hours of combined ropes course facilitation experience, we certainly know how to guide you through and tie your extreme experience back to your day-to-day. The Ropes Course is an extremely powerful tool. Do you dare to wield it? REQUEST A...

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SALES & MARKETING MILITIA – Imagine increasing your sales and marketing team to include every single qualified employee in your organization. What would it mean to your bottom line? Travel the road towards a powerful and broad sales and marketing team with Teambuilding ROI’s experiential training and development program, “The Sales and Marketing Militia.” Everyone knows that the best advertising is word of mouth, whether through client referrals or from your employees to their contacts. When companies empower their workforce with this training and incentives them with achievable goals and tangible rewards, the ROI will go directly to the bottom line. We live in the Age of Communication and Information, and our experiential training programs will open up the world of marketing and sales through a variety of different mediums. Whether using social media, e-marketing, collateral material, or just spreading the word in person at a tradeshow or networking event, Teambuilding ROI will teach your team to position the company and its products and services in a positive light. Our team will assess your current marketing initiatives and processes and will work with you to focus the training session on the things that make good sense. We will also consult you on possible incentives that are tied directly to the contributions of each team member. Teambuilding ROI has created fun, creative, and interactive programs that expose your team to the possibilities and will train them to track their own progress. Light on high-minded philosophy and heavy on results, we take the guesswork and speculation out of the marketing process and boil it down to best practices in layman’s terms. It’s a win-win when the company benefits and employees are rewarded, and your investment in training an army of internal marketers will pay immediate dividends. As with all Teambuilding ROI programs, our customized follow-up surveys will help you track their progress with a series of simple metric...

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WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU – A study of over 1,400 employees found that social skills are the single best predictor of job performance ratings and assessments of potential for promotion for employees in a wide range of jobs. Social skills in general are very broad, but applying social skills to the workplace can ultimately help you improve your rapport and performance. Some quick tips to help improve your social skills: The SOFTEN Approach Smile: Smiling at someone sends a positive non-verbal message. Open posture: Keep your arms open when interacting with others, this sends the message that you are open to the conversation and new concepts. Forward lean: Leaning forward while talking to others brings you closer to them. It shows that you’re engaged and interested. Touch: In some situations and for some people, touching someone else is a sign that you’re interested in what they have to say. Okay, we know that maybe this can be taken the wrong way in the workplace, so unless you’re certain your interaction is appropriate we suggest you avoid it. Eye contact: Looking someone in the eyes and making eye contact is essential to showing that you’re listening and interested. Nod: Nodding is very helpful feedback for speakers becuase it shows that you are listening and understanding them. This keeps the conversation moving along, which of course is essential to ensuring a positive relationship.   For more information on communication skills development check out our “Individual Growth” programs....

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Customize Your Program

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You know your team, and you know what you need. Teambuilding ROI’s organizational development experts will thoroughly analyze your team’s needs through a short interview with you and some simple surveys directed to your team. Our staff of right-brained creative types will get to work to customize the details of your program. Whether you want to base it on a TV Crime Series, a popular reality show, or a completely off-the-wall theme, Teambuilding ROI will make sure that the program is fun, experiential, and shows a solid return on your investment. Click here to Request A...

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EXPERIENTIAL RECRUITING – Recruiting and training doesn’t have to be just an HR function. In fact, how you recruit, hire, and on-board new people makes a powerful statement as to who you are and what you value as an organization. On average, employers spend $1,500 per new hire with an average annual turnover rate that is off the charts! What is your ROI on recruiting? Now we’re gettin’ our geek on. TBROI works with you to establish a recruiting and employee development plan that will attract and retain top-flight candidates. TBROI will perform an in-depth analysis of your current recruiting strategies, advise you on recruiting best practices, and collaborate with you on the best approach for your organization. We’ll establish interactive recruiting and training processes that are experiential and allow you to quickly get to the core of the individuals you hire, assess their needs, and craft comprehensive training and development plans.  And, of course, we’ll provide you with the metrics required to ensure that your recruiting dollars are working for you. REQUEST A...

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PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENTS – A mission statement defines (in a paragraph or so) an individual or group’s reason for existence. It embodies its philosophies, goals, ambitions and mores. Any organization or person that attempts to operate without a mission statement runs the risk of wandering through the world without having the ability to verify that it is on its intended course. Let TeamBuilding ROI facilitate the discovery of your mission. We will utilize fun and creative ways to determine what’s important to you and how you can make your mission a...

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