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It is almost that time of year…the sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and your team is ready to celebrate together. And that means PLAYTIME! TeamBuilding ROI is your only stop for Bay Area Company Picnic activities, entertainment, attractions, and customized creative fun. TeamBuilding ROI can plan every aspect of your party.  From casual Circuit Games to ultra-competitive sports challenges, we are the experts in designing your company picnic activities with an eye toward fun, full participation, and safety. Our interactive games are aimed at the widest demographics possible…we want to have something for everyone!  From classic sports and picnic games like volleyball, horseshoes, Frisbee golf, cricket and more to Customized team games, we can plan the perfect set of activities to get your team engaged.  Ask us about Company Picnic Versions of these TBROI favorites: The Hunt (interactive scavenger hunts are a HIT!) 60 Seconds To Success DoggieVille Chef’s Choice Challenge Sports Circuit Challenge Food Truck Team Building We also have all major attractions and live entertainment…turn your event into a full-on carnival with these great activities (and we can turn ANYTHING into a competition!): Adult and Kids’ Inflatables (Giant Slides, Jump Houses) Green screen photo booths Ziplines Rock Climbing Walls DJ’s and Live Music Variety Entertainers (Magicians, Face Painters, Airbrush Tattoo Artists, Contortionists, and more) Cotton Candy and Concessions Carnival Games (Bring the Circus to your Corporate Event) Petting Zoos Shop around!  Our prices are the most competitive in the industry because we have great working relationships with a huge variety of vendors, performers, and attractions…and we have the creative energy to make your corporate outing an original, enjoyable, successful event. REQUEST A COMPANY PICNIC...

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We got your Family Feud RIGHT HERE! This is the accessory that will put your wedding over the top. We have a 30-60 minute competition between the Bride’s Family vs. Groom’s Family, the Bridesmaids vs. Groomsmen, or Boyz vs. Girls! Perfect for engagement parties, bridal showers, or rehearsal dinners…or do it during cocktail hour and add a Jeopardy game that your guests can play easily from their phone! Wait until you see what happens when the respective family members are introduced to each other with a LITTLE COMPETITION thrown in for good measure. Our hilarious, experienced, and witty MC’s will lead the wedding party through the game and create lasting memories that will have EVERYONE involved in the fun. Ask us about filming and editing the event into a lasting keepsake…we can make it last. The Wedding Feud Game Show…May the Best Family Win! REQUEST A...

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Green Screen Video Karaoke – Scrap that same ol’ karaoke gig…spice it up with our unique creation. We bring you video karaoke greenscreen madness! Sing along to your favorite tunes with your best party friends, and we will project it onto a green screen video background and provide you with a DVD of the performances. We can also bring a live band to jam with for some true rock star moments…they will even learn your special requests! Perfect for corporate events, holiday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and all social events, and random gatherings. Don’t settle for your momma’s karaoke…we got the hi-tech, super-fun videoke that will rock your party! REQUEST A...

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BATTLES THROUGH TIME – Put your team in the middle of some of the most famous battles of all time…NERF GUN Style! From Iwo Jima (choose your local beach and we can make it happen!) to The Battle of Waterloo, we have the plan to bring the team together. Sure, you know who won, but what did each side do that ensured the outcome, and what can you do to turn the tide in your team’s favor? Our team of historical experts also have a PhD in Fun, and we will make sure to maintain historical accuracy without compromising your team’s objectives. When you arrive, the TBROI facilitators will set you on a Strategic Mission to carry out the objectives of your Famous Battle. Split into two teams or work together to overcome the TBROI militia…Collect Intel, Take out Enemy Fortifications, Avoid Detection, and when necessary, utilize the latest in NERF or other Fun and Safe gaming weapons to neutralize the enemies embedded in strongholds throughout the map. Turn the course of history or play out a scenario precisely the way it happened. Either way, this unique TBROI experience will win the war on team building...

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