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    We have partnered with the world-renowned David North to build  (not his real name!) to create the coolest team building program this side of Alaska. Your team can choose a variety of models or make up there own…we will provide the competition, the tools, and some comprehensive instruction.  This works as a stand-alone event or as an add-on to our Food Truck Challenge. Chill out a little bit and let us handle the day’s activities.   Our Ice Sculpting Team Building Challenge will ...

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    ANIMAL TRAINING TEAM BUILDING: THE DOG SHOW – Be an Animal Trainer for a day! Train the behaviors and put it all together to perform in a doggie agility competition just like what you see at animal parks all over the world. Humans are viagra online (usu order viagra ally!) not dogs, but the philosophies utilized to effectively train an animal transfer directly to training and developing people. Building trust, reinforcing good behavior, consistency, and repetition are the foundational c...

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    MUSICAL TEAM BUILDING…REDEFINED! Our Music facilitators have over 25 years in the recording and team building businesses, and they buy cheap cialis online have come up with the most original and amazing program EVER! Serious teams only…do viagra for sale you have some musicians in cheapest viagra prices your group? Read on about how it works…Rush’s Producer and the founder of CD Baby can’t be wrong! Read on and REQUEST A PROPOSAL //  

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