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THE ROI ADVISORY – We’re experts in employee development and engagement and masters of fun

and ridiculous-ness. Make everything that you do as an organization speak to your people. We can create, implement and train your people to drive y

our organization’s strategic objectives. Establish a distinctive culture for your organization and maximize return for your organizational development investment. .

We consult on a variety of structures and processes: Recruiting, training, and on-boarding; Employee development, Internal team building, Off sites, Meeting energizers, Organizational development, Organizational change, Train the Trainers, Social Media, Sales

and Marketing, and more.



SALES & MARKETING MILITIA – Imagine increasing your sales and marketing team to include every single qualified employee in your organization. What would it mean to your bottom line?
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broad sales and marketing team with Teambuilding ROI’s experiential training and development program, “The Sales and Marketing Militia.” Everyone knows that the best advertising is word of mouth, whether through client referrals or from your employees to their contacts. When companies empower their workforce with this training and incentives them with achievable goals and tangible rewards, the ROI will go directly to the bottom line.

We live in the Age of Communication and Information, and our experiential training programs will open up the world of marketing and sales through a variety of different mediums. Whether using social media, e-marketing, collateral material, or just spreading the word in person at a tradeshow or networking event, Teambuilding ROI will teach your team to position the company and its products and services in a positive light. Our team will assess your current marketing initiatives and processes and will work with you to focus the training session on the things that make good sense. We will also consult you on possible incentives that are tied directly to the contributions of

each team member.

Teambuilding ROI has created fun, creative, and interactive programs that expose your team to the possibilities and will train them to track their own progress. Light on high-minded philosophy and heavy on results, we take the guesswork and speculation out of the marketing process and boil it down to best practices in layman’s terms.
It’s a win-win when the company benefits and employees are rewarded, and your investment in training an army of internal marketers will pay immediate dividends. As with all Teambuilding ROI programs, our customized follow-up surveys will help you track their progress with a series of simple metric evaluations.

Customize Your Program

You know your team, and you know what you need.
Teambuilding ROI’s organizational development experts will thoroughly analyze your team’s needs through a short interview with you and some simple surveys directed to your team.


h5>Our staff of right-brained creative types will get to work to customize the details of your program. Whether you want to base it on a TV Crime Series, a popular reality show, or a completely off-the-wall theme, Teambuilding ROI will make sure that the program is fun, experiential, and

shows a solid return on your investment.

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EXPERIENTIAL RECRUITING – Recruiting and training doesn’t have to be just an HR function. In fact, how you recruit, hire, and on-board new people makes a powerful statement as to who you are and what you value as an organization.

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5>On average, employers spend $1,500 per new hire with an average annual turnover rate that is off the charts! What

is your ROI on recruiting? Now we’re gettin’ our geek on.

TBROI works with you to establish a recruiting and employee development plan that will attract and retain top-flight candidates. TBROI will perform an in-depth analysis of your current recruiting strategies, advise you on recruiting best practices, and collaborate with you on the best approach for your organization.
We’ll establish interactive recruiting and training processes that are experiential and allow you to quickly get to the core of the individuals you hire, assess their needs, and craft comprehensive training and development plans.  And, of course, we’ll provide you with the metrics required to ensure that your recruiting dollars are

working for you.