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When It’s Not A Good Fit, What’s Next?

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When It’s Not A Good Fit, What’s Next?

I used to work for “The Man.” It was one of those jobs where I would take the long way to work, circle around the parking lot, double up on coffee, make excuses as to why I had to leave, and basically wallow in misery for most of the week.  40.00001 hours was too much for me. The job I had been hired to do was not what I ended up doing.  It changed, morphed, and doubled down into something that was not a good fit for my skill set.  My boss didn’t have a clue how to manage people, and when he saw that I was capable and a good worker, he piled it on.  No one else stayed late, but I put in the time because I thought it was my duty.  But when it became obvious that I had reached the proverbial dead end, I had a decision to make. “Should I stay...

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Corporate Rodeo

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Creating Great Programs, Scratching Our Noodles

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Sometimes, the best ideas are born from happy mistakes.  In life, in jazz, or in team building program creation, that one off-note may push you in a whole new direction. For example, our Food Truck Challenge was conceived after I answered a wrong number.  My friend Karen was on the other line, but she had confused me with another Ryan, who happened to run a little food truck operation. “Hey Ryan, it’s Karen.  How are you?” “Awesome, Karen.  What’s up? “Can you confirm those trucks for next Thursday by tonight?” she asked. “Ummm…Karen?” Of course, we figured it out and laughed, but the idea stuck in my head.  I went home and thought about how many Food Trucks I had seen in San Francisco and San Jose just...

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Carving Your Niche

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I love my job.  There…I said it!  I actually look forward to waking up every morning and learning, helping others, and going through the creative process of creating experiential programs for clients.  But it certainly hasn’t always been that way. My resume looks like a Gypsy in a blender.  Suit sales, restaurants, paralegal, music performance and promotion, high school teacher, Director of sales and marketing, event planner, team builder…my Linkedin Profile is an ongoing joke.  Needless to say, not all of those stops along the way were Work Bliss.  In fact, some were like staring at the bottom of the abyss and wondering if there was another level below that! As a founder at TeamBuilding ROI, my partners and I decided we’d had enough of...

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My Band, My Team, My Story

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I grew up addicted to team sports…Watching them, playing them, and obsessing over statistics and standings.  I learned to read by scouring the sports section of the LA Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (RIP…the print version, anyway.) My neighborhood was populated by about 15 kids that were within 3 years of each other.  And DAMN if there weren’t some great athletes in the mix.  One of them was a 2-time Washington State Player of the Year in basketball, another (who was only there a short time) ended up in the NBA, and my next door neighbor was a top 3 state finalist wrestler.  We also had phenomenal golfers, baseball players, and more. Needless to say, our neighborhood pickup games were competitive.  Sometimes, ridiculously so.  As I got...

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Choosing a Great Team Building Venue

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As a member of the San Francisco Bay events community, I am privileged to work at some of the finest hospitality venues in the world. Our diverse landscape includes world-class hotels, resorts, wineries, parks, and event centers that are virtually unmatched in terms of their amenities and physical beauty.  With the confluence of so much high-level corporate business happening within 15 minutes of our office in San Jose, the competition for your all-hands meeting or 5 day retreat is fierce. When you add in our team building services (and we really hope that you do), you have the makings of a logistical situation that bears careful examination. With so many options at your disposal, choosing the best venue for your team building event can be a daunting task.  Some...

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