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Your Legacy at Work

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On March 21, my oldest surviving relative, Albert Schwartz, passed away. He was 94. Albert leaves behind a legacy that is unique and inspiring. As a Jew during World War II, he helped liberate concentration camps while having to hide his religious heritage for fear of being captured and immediately executed.  He also led the fight in 1962 to make El Paso, TX the first desegregated city in a former confederate state.  Needless to say, he was a brave and brash man who took risks. But there was another side to Albert.  He owned 4 department stores called The Popular Dry Goods with his family in El Paso.  He was the President of the company and, in the words of his surviving niece, “the heart of the store.” Albert was quite literally loved by his 4,000...

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Dad…what do you DO?

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My kids are curious about everything.  Always have been, probably always will be.  Intellectual curiosity is certainly something I was taught to value, so I have generally tried to instill the same thing in my children.  So, when I started TeamBuilding ROI with a couple friends in 2011, they asked me: “What do you DO for a living?” The short answer was (and is) that I help people work together and find common ground, away from the office.  But do I really?  I mean, that sounds really high-minded and important, but it doesn’t necessarily fit the vision I had as a kid of how I was going to “Make a Difference.”  “Change the World.”  “Be a Rock Star.” TBROI believes that we make a difference in the lives of our...

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