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ANIMAL TRAINING TEAM BUILDING: THE DOG SHOW – Be an Animal Trainer for a day! Train the behaviors and put it all together to perform in a doggie agility competition just like what you see at animal parks all over the world. Humans are (usually!) not dogs, but the philosophies utilized to effectively train an animal transfer directly to training and developing people. Building trust, reinforcing good behavior, consistency, and repetition are the foundational components required for successful animal training. These same principles apply to people. You’ll spend the day learning about training philosophy, applying the knowledge practically, and seeing the immediate results. You’ll probably also fall in love with a dog or two…it’s hard not to! The benefits of...

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MUSICAL TEAM BUILDING…REDEFINED! Our Music facilitators have over 25 years in the recording and team building businesses, and they have come up with the most original and amazing program EVER! Serious teams only…do you have some musicians in your group? Read on about how it works…Rush’s Producer and the founder of CD Baby can’t be wrong! Read on and REQUEST A PROPOSAL...

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Find yourself in a culinary dream when you take the Chef’s Choice Challenge. Race against the clock, the Chef, or each other. When the Chef chooses the challenge, there’s no telling what will happen! We’ve all watched the Classic Cooking shows…now its time to make them a reality. Led by one of our incomparable professional kitchen gurus, you and your team will compete in a culinary challenge of choice: •Team Cook-off Challenge – Whether your team is competing in a chili cook-off or charged with creating a fine pasta dinner, the Team Cook-off Challenge is a guaranteed to refine your cooking skills, build lasting memories with your team and show you a good time! •Culinary IQ and Prep Skills – Find out where the culinary talent lies. Individuals will...

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BATTLES THROUGH TIME – Put your team in the middle of some of the most famous battles of all time…NERF GUN Style! From Iwo Jima (choose your local beach and we can make it happen!) to The Battle of Waterloo, we have the plan to bring the team together. Sure, you know who won, but what did each side do that ensured the outcome, and what can you do to turn the tide in your team’s favor? Our team of historical experts also have a PhD in Fun, and we will make sure to maintain historical accuracy without compromising your team’s objectives. When you arrive, the TBROI facilitators will set you on a Strategic Mission to carry out the objectives of your Famous Battle. Split into two teams or work together to overcome the TBROI...

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