GOT GAME – Go head-to-head with co-workers on a giant video gaming system. Capture the virtual flag, pull everyone together for a round robin sports tournament, or launch a battle of the bands. Geek out on the latest technology and actually serve a

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purpose at the same time. We like that!

Got Game is a cool and cutting edge way of bringing your people together for a common purpose. It’s crazy fun, and the elements involved with being an effective and successful video gaming team transfer directly to what it takes to be a functional work team. TBROI will set up the games and drive the discussion that links this together.

When we say video games, the immediate thought may be, “Yeah, if you’re 35 and living in your mom’s basement.” Right? But that’s just not the case anymore. Global businesses have been using online video gaming for years as a way to bring virtual teams together.

In today’s world, video is a huge part of life, and

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for many up and coming corporate employees, it’s a way of life. Video gaming is in a whole new realm and truly serves a legitimate purpose

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in the development of people on many levels. You got game? We’ll find out.


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