2014 Testimonials:

The feedback I heard is that everyone had a great time, and it was a memorable offsite. They really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, and the foodtruck was yummy. Maureen D. – Ebay

Ryan – all had a GREAT time and Jay did a wonderful job, explaining things, keeping people motivated and engaged. I can’t wait to tell others about what your group does.Thanks for making things work with such short notice! Deb W. – BD

So great! Jay is outstanding – thank you so much for everything I’m a huge ROI Teambuilding fan!! Molly R. – Garnish Events

We had a great time!  The healthy competition, and activities were great.  The medals at the end were great to close the evening. Thank you Jay for all your energy.  Your staff was great as well! Will definitely stay in touch for future events.  Rowena B. – SanDisk

You guys are the bomb!!! Everyone had an amazing time. :) Thank you so much for all of your help with everything. It was great! Jay and crew did an AMAZING job yet again. Jenna A. – Datastax

2013 and Prior:

I though the program was amazing. I think you really took all the things I pointed out to heart when we were doing the needs assessment. You even brought in an element of competition that was very productive.  The Senators really enjoyed the activities and I think the main goal of bringing them closer together was definitely achieved.  I will definitely recommend it to the next ASUC Executive Vice President for next year. Justin S – UC BerkeleyASUC

Thank you all for your hard work and for the great experience. I think that our team really enjoyed the program. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events!! Jasna R. – Asian American Community Involvement

Working with Teambuilding ROI was unbelievable.  The staff was very professional and energetic.  Teambuilding ROI created customized activities to bring the best out of all of our employees.  I highly recommend them for any company planning a team building event. Erica K. – Samsung

I just wanted to thank you for our fantastic team building experience on Saturday. I was very pleased with how things went, and wanted to make sure to tell you (and please pass along to Jay and Kelly) how much we appreciate your hard work!  We will definitely be interested in coordinating another event in the future, and I look forward to continuing to work with your group.  Dr. Hilary W. – The Whole Pet Vet

I have not seen a group of people who love what they do this much! Their enthusiasm and can-do positive attitude is contagious and that is why all groups are extremely happy with their services.The most valuable for me when working with TBROI is their flexibility and ability to customize their programs to fit the client’s needs as well as my space restrictions or requirements. The ability to think on their feet if the situation requires instant decision or change, without missing a beat in the program shows their professionalism and dedication to what they do. Inga S. – Dolce Hayes Mansion

That was amazing…you guys were a hit!  My co-workers are still talking about the Hunt at Half Moon Bay Brewery.  Awesome job, will tell everyone I know :) Hillary S. – Algenist

Thank you all so much! It was a great team building event and a great way to kickoff our event. Christy A. –  Bristlecone

Thanks again for everything on Thursday. Our team had an amazing time.  I have passed all your information along to them and I am sure you will be hearing from our clients soon. Gayle K. – Four Seasons SV/Palo Alto

You are the BOMB!!  Everyone RAVED about the events.   Thanks so much for making me shine. Phyllis M. – Voltage

It was an incredibly positive experience, and everyone was very enthusiastic even after the debrief! Sachi L. – Bayer

Our group had a wonderful time yesterday.  A big thank you to you and your team and the energy they all brought to our team building event. Kristen H. – Driscoll

Sabeen went out of her way to accommodate our team event knowing our limited budget for the event. She was always very nice and enthusiastic about the group activities. Highly recommended! Rajat G. – Apple

Sabeen keeps a high level strategic perspective crucial to business development. I continue to reflect on my working relationship with Sabeen and deem it as one of the hallmarks in my career. Steven A. – McKesson

The enthusiasm, energy, and sheet expertise that the TBROI team brought was stunning. Our group had a fantastic experience…My highest recommendation. Frank G. JNP

Musical Team Building is a promising concept. I think many teams could benefit from some creative time in the Studio. Derek Sivers – Founder, CD Baby

Sabeen Ali will be a great asset to your human capital or organization development project. She is personable, knowledgeable and effective. I recommend TeamBuilding ROI to you highly! Brad Morrison – Morrison Forbes

Sabeen is one of the most dedicated and creative people I know. She is one of those people that you find yourself laughing as much as learning with every conversation. David Gridley- Cisco Systems

Wow — what a great system you and TBROI have. Loved the game show! Hope to have all of you involved with us big time next year. Marsha Sheahen – President, ASTD Golden Gate

Keep us updated with any promotions your group is doing and keep in Touch. I truly enjoyed myself and will tell others about your services. Thank you all for all your hard work. Terry Stephens - Cisco Event Services

Sabeen’s knowledge was critical in creating an open environment for technologists to network. Her expertise allowed our event to be regarded as the best Hackathon ever! Gregory Gopman – AngelHack Founder

The guests had a great time! They were sill throwing ping pong balls when I arrived at 9. -Jessica Urreaga, Maximize Events

The GPS Scavenger Hunt was probably one of the funnest team building exercises I have ever done! -M. Idle, Yahoo, inc.

Hi!  The events at Kick-off were outstanding. Your energy is contagious and it gave our team the boost needed to strengthen relationships in a short period of time and figure out ways to work together. My sincere thanks. Tammy S. – Voltage

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