BATTLES THROUGH TIME – Put your team in the middle of some of the most famous battles of all time…NERF GUN Style!

From Iwo Jima (choose your local beach and we can make it happen!) to The Battle of Waterloo, we have the plan to bring the team together. Sure, you know who won, but what did each side do that ensured the outcome, and what can you do to turn the tide in your team’s favor?

Our team of historical experts also have a PhD in Fun, and we will make sure to maintain historical accuracy without compromising your team’s objectives. When you arrive, the TBROI facilitators will set you on a Strategic Mission to carry out the objectives of your Famous Battle. Split into two teams or work together to overcome the TBROI militia…Collect Intel, Take out Enemy Fortifications, Avoid Detection, and when necessary, utilize the latest in NERF or other Fun and Safe gaming weapons to neutralize the enemies embedded in strongholds throughout the map.

Turn the course of history or play out a scenario precisely the way it happened. Either way, this unique TBROI experience will win the war on team building boredom.