Find yourself in a culinary dream when you take the Chef’s Choice Challenge. Race against the clock, the Chef, or each other. When the Chef chooses the challenge, there’s no telling what will happen!

We’ve all watched the Classic Cooking shows…now its time to make them a reality. Led by one of our incomparable professional kitchen gurus, you and your team will compete in a culinary challenge of choice:

•Team Cook-off Challenge – Whether your team is competing in a chili cook-off or charged with creating a fine pasta dinner, the Team Cook-off Challenge is a guaranteed to refine your cooking skills, build lasting memories with your team and show you a good time!

•Culinary IQ and Prep Skills – Find out where the culinary talent lies. Individuals will compete in cooking IQ and kitchen prep drills. Add up the scores to find out who’s top chef.

•Head-to-Head: Chef vs. Team – Think your team can compete against a professional chef? Let’s put your skills to the test. We’ll give your team $100 to pick the ingredients and the meal, then watch you cook out your competition.

•Team Sushi Roll & Sake Challenge – This is for the grownups only! Sake and Sushi make the ultimate pairing as your team doubles down on the flavors of Japan in this culinary competition.  Roll your own and pair it with your choice of premium sake in a race against the clock and each other…a true classic!

The Best in the Biz!  We work with some of the finest culinary talent in the world!  Our chefs not only have great chops in the kitchen…they are also full of personality and energy.