ANIMAL TRAINING TEAM BUILDING: THE DOG SHOW – Be an Animal Trainer for a day! Train the behaviors and put it all together to perform in a doggie agility competition just like what you see at animal parks all over the world.

Humans are (usually!) not dogs, but the philosophies utilized to effectively train an animal transfer directly to training and developing people. Building trust, reinforcing good behavior, consistency, and repetition are the foundational components required for successful animal training. These same principles apply to people.

You’ll spend the day learning about training philosophy, applying the knowledge practically, and seeing the immediate results. You’ll probably also fall in love with a dog or two…it’s hard not to!

The benefits of this program are far-reaching, and as part of it, TBROI can also help your organization sponsor a dog for adoption.

There is something special and inspiring about connecting with animals, particularly in the trainer-animal relationship.  Capture this energy and duplicate it every day.

This program is for: Everyone