10/21/12 – THE MISS-MANAGEMENT CHRONICLES (we’re laughing WITH them…)

VIDEO EVIDENCE HERE! We have been mismanaged before. We have also (more than likely!) done some mismanaging in our careers.

But rather than just rely on more personal anecdotal info, we thought you should hear a little more. After all…Nothing is more powerful than testimonials from the mouths of the mismanaged! Enjoy:


1/25/12 – RESPONDING TO NEGATIVE CRITICISM ON YELP – What do you do when you are skewered on Yelp? It happens to the best of businesses (and the worst). Yes, there are some services out there to fight back (Reputation 911, Reputation Defender, and more), but when someone goes after you, time is of the essence.

So DON’T do what this guy did! After a scathing 1-star review on Yelp that threatened legal action, our fearless Mis-Management Poster Child responded by, well, not responding. Instead, he sent his marketing manager in for some clean-up duty. Oooooops!

Think about that for a second…you complain about someone directly on Yelp, and they send in their minion to refute your charges? That would make me even hotter. Responding directly, immediately, and truthfully to negative reviews on Yelp is essential, but it is tricky business. You can’t respond to all negative criticism – talk about thin skin – but when you are absolutely compelled to respond based on the seriousness of the accusations, follow one simple rule: DON’T SEND SOMEONE ELSE IN TO DO YOUR DIRTYWORK! – Ryan Rosoff


DISCLAIMER: In no way does TBROI support or condone the opinions and actions depicted in the Mis-Management Chronicles. This is intended to be an example of what absolutely not to say or do if you’re in a position of management.

Everything you are about to read is true. Only the manager’s names were changed to protect their dignity.

MMC #117 (This one actually came out of the mouth of the CEO of a multi-million dollar company)

Employee: (To the CEO) “I’ve prepared a complete report with everything you need to review the company’s current financial status.”

CEO: “That’s great, just make sure anything that you put together for me is idiot-proof.”