06/12/13 – We believe!  Here is a description from for a book of the same name by John F. Zagotta:

“Guerrilla Teambuilding outlines specific steps for a project manager’s use to create new work groups, implement effective team processes, and achieve success in ongoing team efforts. It accomplishes these goals by establishing win-win working relationships between manager and team members, using specific strategies designed to maximize individual and team-based strengths, leverage the positives of team diversity, optimize effective team member communication, and achieve individual and team peak performance states.”



10/24/12 – GUERRILLA TEAM BUILDING – Host a MURDER MYSTERY SCAVENGER HUNT at your holiday event!
The Corporate Event experts at TeamBuilding ROI have performed at, booked, designed, and fretted about holiday
parties for many years. In our various capacities, we have managed basically every aspect of a great party (and some not-so-great ones, too!)
So our friends ask us, “When you have had a DJ and Greenscreen and Live Band and Game Show, what else can a team do that is cool? Interactive? Budget-conscious?” That’s why we invented the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt…coming soon to a venue near you!

Plan with us…let’s write it together, or let our team of professional writers and actors put it together, soup-to-nuts. Choose the murderer and their victim and we will take it from there. Stage the murder, set the scene, and make your guests compete to solve the crime.

Whodunnit this Holiday Season? TeamBuilding ROI has your corporate holiday party plan.






We want to put your group in the best program possible. Sometimes, that means you just wanna hang out and have some food and games to get to know each other a little bit better. That is great, and we have a lot of fun stuff to make that happen without a huge commitment to “changing the world through team building.”

Often, though, we find that there is a real sense of purpose to your Requests for Info or a Proposal. When we talk with you, we try and ask the right questions to make sure you are getting what you want without a lot of what you don’t need! We find that just a few minutes of this discovery process can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having a successful event.

TBROI facilitators have worked with a diverse set of groups. The simple things like demographic info, timing, location, budget, and past team building experiences (good AND bad!) ensure that you are in a program that makes sense. You CAN have it all…but you have to decide what “all” really is. Call us or email us and we will walk you through it.


Team Building GOOD!…