My kids are curious about everything.  Always have been, probably always will be.  Intellectual curiosity is certainly something I was taught to value, so I have generally tried to instill the same thing in my children.  So, when I started TeamBuilding ROI with a couple friends in 2011, they asked me: “What do you DO for a living?”

The short answer was (and is) that I help people work together and find common ground, away from the office.  But do I really?  I mean, that sounds really high-minded and important, but it doesn’t necessarily fit the vision I had as a kid of how I was going to “Make a Difference.”  “Change the World.”  “Be a Rock Star.”

TBROI believes that we make a difference in the lives of our clients.  We work hard at it, and we love what we do, and I think that shows through.  Retention as a bi-product of Experiential Learning is rooted in having fun, too, so we always make it cool and interesting and, yes, FUN.

But…does it work?  We try to measure the ROI of team building by the feedback from our clients, which (blessedly) has been almost uniformly positive.

One of my favorite lines when I debrief is “We aren’t arrogant enough to pretend that we are going to change the face of your organization in 2 hours.”  However, what I should say is that we ARE arrogant enough to believe that we provide a ton of opportunities for that particular part to change their own organization, one experience at a time.

It is true and obvious that walking on 4-person skis across a field is only a loose metaphor for working together on a project at work.  But when the participants take the lead in tying all of our activities back to their own workplace, essentially we have done our job.

We tweak your brain, see!  But when we tweak it, and then we talk about it, it is up to you to take it back to the office and find the right moment to apply that principle.

Tolerance, Active Empathy, Patience, Creativity, Self-Awareness.  TeamBuilding ROI has the games to focus on all of these things.  Your intellectual curiosity and willingness to change your mindset are the things that allow us to be successful.  It’s all about you!

Now try explaining THAT to a 7-year old.