As a member of the San Francisco Bay events community, I am privileged to work at some of the finest hospitality venues in the world.

Our diverse landscape includes world-class hotels, resorts, wineries, parks, and event centers that are virtually unmatched in terms of their amenities and physical beauty.  With the confluence of so much high-level corporate business happening within 15 minutes of our office in San Jose, the competition for your all-hands meeting or 5 day retreat is fierce. When you add in our team building services (and we really hope that you do), you have the makings of a logistical situation that bears careful examination.

With so many options at your disposal, choosing the best venue for your team building event can be a daunting task.  Some important things to consider when choosing your venue (in no particular order) are:
1. Proximity to your office (location location location)
2. Budgetary constraints
3. Room availability
4. Food and beverage
5. Available space for team building

Obviously, one size does NOT fit all!  Do you have additional audio visual needs?  Are you wrapping your week with a party at the end that needs large ballroom space?  Does your group like to venture out on foot in the evening?  Do you want a large outdoor space for your activities?

Fortunately, TeamBuilding ROI can help!  We have been to so many wonderful venues from Napa to Monterey and beyond, and having worked closely with the staff at these places, we feel very comfortable recommending a venue to you after we do a little needs-assessment with you.  It doesn’t cost extra for us to do ground-work for you…it’s just part of our Commitment to Customer Service.  We want you to be successful, and if our expertise can help that along, then we are all-in.

Take some time and decide what is important to you when choosing your next meeting venue, and then let us help you dial in the best fit.  You will be glad you did!