I love my job.  There…I said it!  I actually look forward to waking up every morning and learning, helping others, and going through the creative process of creating experiential programs for clients.  But it certainly hasn’t always been that way.

My resume looks like a Gypsy in a blender.  Suit sales, restaurants, paralegal, music performance and promotion, high school teacher, Director of sales and marketing, event planner, team builder…my Linkedin Profile is an ongoing joke.  Needless to say, not all of those stops along the way were Work Bliss.  In fact, some were like staring at the bottom of the abyss and wondering if there was another level below that!

As a founder at TeamBuilding ROI, my partners and I decided we’d had enough of that feeling.  While our job at the previous place we all worked together wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t satisfying to the degree that we wanted it to be.  In point of fact, even though we had a great deal of autonomy in our respective roles, it wasn’t ours.  I needed my own thing; risk vs. reward and all of that.

What happened 3 years ago was a leap of faith.  However, I was willing to bet on myself.  I was confident that if I focused on the things I love to do, namely educate, entertain, and promote, that all would be for the best.  My niche needed to be MY NICHE!  I had a plan, partners with which I could share responsibilities, and a goal of going to work every day with a smile and the energy to make that extra phone call, write that extra blog, send that extra email.

The road has been rough.  Mistakes were made, some costly both personally and professionally.  However, as the Chief People Person, I get to do exactly what I want to do…namely, BE ME!  That’s my niche…and I am very thankful to be able to do just that.