Sometimes, the best ideas are born from happy mistakes.  In life, in jazz, or in team building program creation, that one off-note may push you in a whole new direction.

For example, our Food Truck Challenge was conceived after I answered a wrong number.  My friend Karen was on the other line, but she had confused me with another Ryan, who happened to run a little food truck operation.

“Hey Ryan, it’s Karen.  How are you?”

“Awesome, Karen.  What’s up?

“Can you confirm those trucks for next Thursday by tonight?” she asked.


Of course, we figured it out and laughed, but the idea stuck in my head.  I went home and thought about how many Food Trucks I had seen in San Francisco and San Jose just that week.  Obviously, this was a trend that was already in full steam.

I called my partners with a concept, and they helped me tweak it and bring some order to my chaos (love partners who can do THAT!)  Soon, we had our first Food Truck Challenge booked for 225 people at the Dolce Hayes Mansion.

We try very hard to come up with unique, fun, and effective team building solutions.  Not every experience is good for every team, but we want to make sure that we have something in our cache that is a great fit.  So…

Creating is the name of the game.  Jay and I are constantly coming up with new ideas, based on our life experiences.  Sports, music, art, and other hobbies become the seeds of a new program.  We figure that if we are entertained, you will be, too.

However, we are adept at customizing and experience based on a theme that YOU create.  What moves you and your team?  What new projects, trends, or world events, are your water cooler conversations about?  We want to Build A Program for you.  That’s as much fun as it gets for us…collaboration is the key to heightened creativity.

So this all brings me to our new program.  It comes out next week, and it was inspired by a fairly common activity that we all share – partying like rock stars!  Sort of.

What ever could it be?  Stay tuned next week, and I will unleash the new program to the world.  Get your openers ready…