I used to work for “The Man.”

It was one of those jobs where I would take the long way to work, circle around the parking lot, double up on coffee, make excuses as to why I had to leave, and basically wallow in misery for most of the week.  40.00001 hours was too much for me.

The job I had been hired to do was not what I ended up doing.  It changed, morphed, and doubled down into something that was not a good fit for my skill set.  My boss didn’t have a clue how to manage people, and when he saw that I was capable and a good worker, he piled it on.  No one else stayed late, but I put in the time because I thought it was my duty.  But when it became obvious that I had reached the proverbial dead end, I had a decision to make.

“Should I stay or should I go?” Not just a song by the Clash…it’s a dilemma that half of all employees confront every day.  The promise of job security (although how secure is it, really, if you aren’t giving it your all?), benefits, promotion, and a steady paycheck are all powerful motivators to keep a stiff upper lip and not make any crazy moves.  But when you reach the point where there is no viable future, how do you pull the trigger on such a huge life change?

I relied on my co-workers for inspiration.  They made me feel like a part of something bigger than me.  We didn’t do any formal team building, but there was a lot of bonding (and unfortunately, commiserating) and we felt reliant on each other.  However, we all wanted what was best for each other.  It became clear that staying in that place wasn’t what was best for me.  I found another job, gave my notice, and the rest was history.  The place I went had a better working environment, a clear job description, training and development, and opportunity for advancement.  In short, it was everything my previous job was not!

Don’t settle for anything less than a happy working environment.  You deserve better, and quite honestly, your company does as well if you aren’t fully invested in what you are doing.  There is a better fit for everyone, and all parties win when the change is made for the better.  Just remember to carefully evaluate WHY you are unhappy, and that the grass is not always greener on the other side. But you owe it to yourself to find the best fit possible.  Seize the Opportunity and Win the Day!