Bike Build Challenge

Build bikes while you build your team.
We blow the standard bike build away. Our fast-paced challenge puts a smile on everyone’s face.

virtual treasure hunt

TBROI has spiced up the traditional Bike Build challenge with a mash-up of competition and fun. Starting with the frame, teams compete in mini-challenges to win other components, strategizing which piece to choose first and which to hope to take last. While teams move through the challenges, our mechanics check bikes for correct assembly and make adjustments if needed. Completed bikes can be donated to charities of your choice or raffled off to your guests.

Build Bikes while you Build Your Team!


TeamBuilding ROI has spiced up the traditional bike build challenge team building activity with a mash-up or competition and fun!

The goal is to be the first team to complete a bike. Starting with just a frame, each team competes in classic TBROI mini-team building challenges to win its other components, including a handlebar, fork, gears, cranks, pedals, chain, wheels, and grips.


Teams can add components to their bikes at any time. Our bike mechanic will make sure each team has correctly completed its bike and advise when needed. The first team to correctly assemble a safe and working bike wins the challenge.


Ask us about presenting your completed bikes to the charities of your choice at the end of the event. This event is a competitive, rewarding, and fun way for your team to give back to your community.

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