Can You Build It for Charity… Mini Golf!

From the Architects of Team Building Fun, TBROI challenges your group to build the greatest can Mini-Golf Holes of all time… all while collecting food for a charity of your choice!

virtual treasure hunt

We provide the canned goods, the materials, the expert facilitator, and the charity… your group provides its creative genius and spirit! Teams compete in classic TBROI challenges to earn money to buy canned and dry goods and construction materials. Using their purchases, teams then build completely original Golf Holes. Our Can Build is a great way to combine team building with fun and charitable giving. Your group’s completed structures can are made from sustainable parts and can all be recycled post-event.

Our Can Build is a great way to combine team fun with charitable giving.


With your input and team building goals in mind, we customize classic TBROI challenges for your group. After splitting your group into teams, our facilitator guides them through the fast and furious fun challenges where they compete to earn money to buy canned and dry goods and construction materials.


Each team uses its purchased food and materials to build a sculpture. You can give the teams specific themes, or they can create sculptures that symbolize their work missions or current projects.


Each team elects a spokesperson who will do a short presentation about their team’s sculpture. After a winner is declared, a local food bank will arrive onsite to pick up the canned and dry goods used during the event.

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