Catapult Conflict

The Castle is being stormed, and your team needs to repel the invaders!

Construct your defense system and launch a counter-attack against Team Boredom with the Catapult Conflict!

virtual treasure hunt

This 21st Century team-building event harkens back to the Middle Ages. Teams compete in problem-solving or physical tasks to win components and construction materials for their catapults. Each team constructs a fully functional catapult and then competes in soft ammo competitions, shooting for distance, accuracy, and repelling attacks from other teams. The winners are knighted for bravery!

CATAPULT CONFLICT …..conquering your event with TeamBuilding ROI!


TeamBuilding ROI takes your team back to Medieval Times with the Catapult Conflict! Your smaller groups will compete in our classic ROI Challenge Stations and win the components for their catapult construction.


When the parts have been won, the teams will work together to construct a fully functional catapult and will then repel the attackers with soft ammo. Compete in distance competitions, accuracy, and more.


The winners will be knighted for bravery and enjoy some mutton and mead with the king…or just a laugh and a high-five with their team members. No matter what, the Catapult Conflict is a great way to spend 90 minutes of team-building fun.

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