Delicious Dessert Dash

A baking throw-down for teams with a sweet tooth.

virtual treasure hunt

Sweeten your party with a little friendly competition. Teams compete at challenge stations to win extra toppings, table décor, and marketing materials. Then they vie to wow each other and the judges with the best dessert, serving area, and marketing presentation. Dessert Dash is a great holiday or corporate program to satisfy cravings for team and food fun!

Take our tasty advice… Delicious Dessert Dash is the icing on the cake for your Perfect Party.


Our Delicious Dessert Dash sweetens your party with a little friendly competition! We provide the ingredients, the party games, and the fun. You bring your team spirit… and your competitive fire.


Build the perfect dessert experience and show it off to our judges and your fellow competitors! Teams compete in a variety of classic TBROI challenges -fun team building games to win ingredients, decor items, and marketing materials. Some challenges are a little more physical, some are strategic, and some are just plain goofy! Think of “Minute To Win It” with food.


You may end up using liquid nitrogen, building cupcakes and chocolate bars, or designing the perfect cookie. You can even let us customize choices for you. Whatever you choose, it’s a unique, fun, and competitive way to finish your perfect meal.


Great for holidays or any corporate outing… Delicious Dessert Dash will satisfy your craving for team (and food) fun!

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