You have so many interesting programs. Which one is right for my group?2019-12-15T04:10:31+00:00

It depends on a variety of factors. We would love to speak with you anytime about your objectives and goals. We will ask you about the size and demographics of your group, as well as your approximate budget, which can help us determine what program or programs are the best fit! Please call (855) 832 – 6764 to speak with us.

What are the similarities and differences in your programs?2019-12-15T04:19:42+00:00

All of our programs have a theme. Whether we use food, music, technology, sports, fashion, or whatever else, we come up with unique thematic programs to keep your team engaged for the full event.

These themed programs are vehicles for a variety of different “challenge stations.” We have over 300 different activities to choose from, but we have a pretty good idea of what works with what program. Typically, your program will have anywhere from 6-12 stations, depending on the time frame and the program blueprint. If you have specific issues to address, i.e. Leadership Development, Communication, Change Management, and more, we can tailor the challenge stations to meet your agenda’s needs.

Do you have a facility, or can you meet us somewhere?2019-12-15T04:20:34+00:00

We work everywhere! TeamBuilding ROI has a variety of hospitality partners…from hotels and resorts to wineries, parks, and classic meeting and event spaces. We even come to your workplace, as many of our best events happen right on campus.

How long do your team building programs last?2019-12-15T04:21:05+00:00

It depends on the program, but typically anywhere from 1-3 hours. We can customize most of our events to meet your timeline, but we find that anything over 3 hours tends to be too long (although, when we combine one of our unique team building programs with a high-level organizational development support program, it can be a half- to full-day.)

How much do your events cost? Can you work with our budget?2019-12-15T04:21:23+00:00

Our events are priced on a minimum for up to 15 people, and then per person thereafter. Sometimes we discount the per person cost for large groups, and we always offer a discount to non-profit, educational, or military groups. Just ask…we want to work with you!

Do you work with very small/large groups?2020-01-14T02:06:10+00:00

Yes…we have something for everyone. We have facilitated events for 4 people, and we have worked with over 1,000 guests.

What is your payment policy?2019-12-15T04:22:02+00:00

We require a non-refundable deposit up front, once we have agreed to work together. We can’t begin programming and staffing until we have a signed agreement and a deposit! Typically, we will require the balance 14 days before the scheduled event.

Can we change our guest count prior to the event, even if we have already paid.2019-12-15T04:22:20+00:00

If you have more people coming than originally planned, we will charge you a per person fee that can be invoiced at the time of the event. Unfortunately, if the guest count is lower, we have to charge the same amount as originally planned, as we will have already staffed and programmed that event, as well as accounted for travel costs to our team.

If it rains and we have an outdoor event scheduled, can we have a refund?2019-12-15T04:22:36+00:00

We typically will offer you a 365 day window to reschedule your event at your discretion. We always check the weather 96 hours ahead of the event, and we can usually plan for inclement weather by making some program adjustments. There are a few exceptions to this, especially with the Food Truck Challenge, but we are nice people and will work with you to make you happy.

What should we wear?2019-12-15T04:22:50+00:00

Stay comfortable! Typically, jeans and tennis shoes (or shorts, if it’s going to be hot) are good. Again, we always check the weather ahead of our events to make sure that you and our staff are prepared.

We are having some pretty serious internal issues. Can you help us?2019-12-15T04:23:07+00:00

Yes! We want to be there for your team’s internal development as well as to ensure that you have a good time. We have highly qualified organizational development experts on staff who have worked with Fortune 500 companies, Mom and Pop shops, and start-ups. We will ask you in our initial needs assessment what’s going on, and feel free to share. Our call is confidential!

Whom do I contact with questions?2020-01-14T02:06:34+00:00

For all sales and marketing initiatives, call or email Ryan Rosoff at (408) 833 – 2904 or ryan@tbroi.com. Once an event has been booked, Jay Filichia will be your point person for logistics. He can be reached at (408) 636 – 3634 or jay@tbroi.com

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