Ghoulish Inventions

Channel your Dr. Frankenstein and invent a ghoulish product to hunt down famous monsters with this virtual office halloween event.

virtual treasure hunt

Virtual Ghoulish Inventions, is the new amazing virtual office halloween event!  Your teams will choose, create and preset a ghoulish invention to catch famous monsters!  Mummy Shirts, Ghost Seeing Glasses, Witch Hats, Vampire Capes, and many more.  Or your team can create one of their own!  The teams then “huddle” virtually for 20-30 minutes to build their products from household items (foil, cardboard, paper, etc.) and create a marketing plan.  When everyone is ready, each team presents its product and marketing pitch to the entire group!  Our Ghoulish Inventor Host will evaluate each product and pitch and award gold medals to the winning team.

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