GPS Scavenger Hunt

Embark on the world’s greatest GPS-led Scavenger Hunt!

Compete against other teams while we collect the score in real-time for fun, for prizes, or just for bragging rights.

virtual treasure hunt

This is a Scavenger Hunt unlike any other! Armed with a GPS, clues, and guidance from our expert facilitators, teams traverse the venue in search of stations, where they face a cerebral or physical challenge to foster communication, problem-solving, creativity, or objectives of your choosing. We keep score in real-time, awarding points for correct answers and completing tasks within the time limit.

Compete against other teams while we collect the score in real-time…for fun, prizes, or just for bragging rights.

Your scavenger hunt is customized with your group’s objectives in mind. We will create equal teams and provide them with a Smartphone-based IKWEST GPS unit, a trained facilitator, and a backpack with various objects and clues that the teams will need to win “The Hunt!”

We utilize the entire available grounds and interior of your chosen location, and teams will traverse the area in search of their next challenge station. *If there is inclement weather, we can move the teams indoors, facilitate the same challenge stations, and /or use QR code technology to find your next clue!

Have hilarious fun and sprinkle in cerebral and physical initiatives. Every station will bring a different objective into focus, whether it is communication, problem-solving, creativity, or a training initiative (ask us how we can include your agenda as part of the experience!) You choose…race to the finish line or solve puzzles to get through The Hunt – either way, your team will have a blast. Prizes are awarded to the winners, and everyone will have a chance to mingle and debrief the experience in their groups and with the other teams and facilitators.

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