Robot Rally

Signal transmitted, message received…take us to your (team) leaders!

virtual treasure hunt

The Robot Craze is in full swing with our Robot Rally! Teams compete to win parts, assemble their robots, and then compete in a series of fun and challenging games with their creations, which require them to strategize, plan tactics, and execute smartly to win. Robot Rally is a superb, competitive team building that everyone will enjoy.

Build Better ‘Bots. Put Them To Work.


The robot craze is in full swing with our Robot Rally program. We provide the robots and expert facilitators to coordinate the event, offer robot building guidance, supervise the challenges, and referee the Robot Rally.


After splitting into teams, each picks a few members to assemble its robot. The remaining team members compete in fast and fun classic TBROI challenges to win munitions and battlements for the rally. With the challenges complete and the robots built, the Robot Rally begins.


In typical TRBOI fashion, our Robot Rally is like no other. Our rally games include Cyborg Soccer, Mine Sweep, Future Joust, and Capture the Flag. The games require teams to strategize, plan tactics and execute smartly to win. Robot Rally is a superb, competitive team building event that everyone will enjoy.

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