Sushi Roll

Our Team Sushi Program hits all the right flavors and teaches techniques to turn your team into experts.

Sound fishy? You better believe it!

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In the grand tradition of our culinary team-building programs like the fabulous Food Truck Challenge and the Dessert Dash, we are proud to bring you the Sushi Roll Class or Competition.

To start, our resident expert will present a comprehensive sushi tutorial focusing on technique and flavor. After gaining some sushi-making knowledge, your group will split into small teams and get to work. For a class, we give each team ingredients to make sushi and be creative with no competitive pressure – just the joy of making and eating sushi.

We can add a little competition to a class and judge the most appealing, best-tasting sushi creation. Or we can be competitive to the max and have teams compete in a series of team-building challenge games to win sushi ingredients, and at your option, restaurant decor and marketing materials. Teams then use their “winnings” to make sushi, decorate a small eating area and market their culinary creations.

However you choose to structure the Sushi Roll, this program is delicious team-building fun for ALL guests!

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