Team Art Show

Paint a picture of total team fun and release your team’s creative juices…whether sculpting, painting, or building the ultimate team art project!

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You choose the medium — brush paints, finger paints, clay, collage. You choose the final product — one giant themed mural or unique team masterpieces. You choose the format — team art competition or an art party. We do all the prep work, bring the supplies, and provide expert facilitation to ensure your group has a great time and produces memorable art. Ask about what team building activities can be added to your art show!

Paint a picture of total team fun!


Before the event, you’ll pick the art medium – brush paints, finger paints, clay, collage. You’ll choose if you want the entire group to create one single work of art, if you want a team art competition, or if you want an art party. We’ll discuss your team building goals.


A painted mural is an excellent choice for a group work of art, but we can be flexible if you have other ideas. Divided into teams, each works on a section of the mural. We do all the prep work, bring all the supplies, and provide an expert facilitator to ensure your group has a great time and produces a memorable piece of artwork.


We customize classic TBROI challenges for your group with your team building goals in mind. After splitting into teams, our facilitator guides them through the super fun challenges to compete to win art supplies. Using their winnings, each team then creates a masterpiece of its choice or with a theme chosen by you. A spokesperson for each team explains its creation. A Best in Show medal goes to the winner.


You bring your group. We provide the art supplies and an expert facilitator to instruct and coordinate. Everyone who wants to participate takes home a completed work of art at this no-pressure, creative event.

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