The Rhythm Method

March to the beat of a different drummer with the ultimate team building experience. Get your groove on with The Rhythm Method!

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We provide the instruments and the instruction in this unique program music-making program. Teams cycle through the Stomp, Global Rhythm, Percussion, and Meter stations. They receive a brief tutorial and compete in a classic TBROI challenge to win traditional and nontraditional percussion instruments. Then armed with a bit of knowledge and their instruments, each team composes a short song to perform. The grand finale is a resounding percussion circle with the entire group.

Syncopate your team with… The Rhythm Method!

The Rhythm Method from Team Building ROI is a unique way to bring your group together in the name of music, education, and fun. We provide the instruments and expert facilitators to coordinate the event and instruct your group in instruments, world beats, and the rudiments of rhythm and meter. The program is 90-120 minutes long and great for groups of up to 100 people.

After splitting your group into teams, our facilitators direct them to the Stomp, Global Rhythm, Percussion Instruments, and Meter stations. At each station, teams receive a brief, pertinent music tutorial. They then compete in fast and fun classic TBROI team-building challenges to win traditional and nontraditional percussion instruments.

Armed with a little music knowledge and instruments, each team composes a short song to perform for the group. Following the team performances, the entire group comes together for one final, resounding percussion circle.


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