Global Games

Total Team game that honors the world’s oldest organized competition.

virtual treasure hunt

Like the real thing, the TBROI Olympics includes an Opening Ceremony, Olympic-Style Competitions, and Medal Ceremony. Teams write their “national anthems” and participate in a Parade of Nations to kick off the competition. Teams choose from various customized challenges, with the top three teams receiving medals in a closing ceremony that is equally hilarious and celebratory!


Opening Ceremony

Upon arrival, our facilitator will split your group into teams. Each team will name its “country,” design a flag, and write its national anthem and/or cheer (always a hilarious ice breaker). The teams then join the Parade of Nations, where each presents its flag, anthem, and/or cheer to the judges. Finally, a designated team member will “Light the Torch” to officially kick off The Games.

The Games

Based on your input and team-building goals, we customize 20+ TBROI games for your group. The Games take place throughout the venue grounds, where each team cycles through the game stations and earns points based on its performance. Some game stations are head-to-head competitions; others are timed challenges where team members must collaborate to succeed.

The Medal Ceremony

As the event draws to a close, we tally the scores and award medals to the winning countries. We can customize awards to delight your group and ensure a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

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