Working from home? Experience fun virtual team building activities that break up the remote workday monotony.  Our virtual icebreaker activities  are the best in the team building business…call us at 855-832-6764 (855-TEAMROI) or email for more info!

Global Games

Virtual Mystery Team Solve

Virtual Mystery

virtual treasure hunt

Virtual Treasure Hunt

virtual game show

Virtual Game Show

virtual crack the code

Crack the Code

virtual future inventor

Virtual Future Inventor

virtual variety picnic

Virtual Variety Picnic

virtual mixology

Virtual Mixology

virtual improv

Virtual Improv

virtual team mural

Virtual Team Mural

virtual bake along

Virtual Bake Along

virtual time machine mystery hunt

Time Machine Mystery

virtual monster mash hunt

Monster Mash Hunt

virtual ghoulish inventions

Ghoulish Inventions

virtual holiday charity tour

Holiday Programs