Virtual Future Inventor

Channel your inner-Ben Franklin and invent a product from the future with TeamBuilding ROI’s newest virtual team building game masterpiece, Virtual Future Inventor.

virtual treasure hunt

Log in to Zoom (or another preferred platform) with your teammates at the appointed time, and our Master Inventor will show you his work, explain the rules, and then split and send your teams of 6 or so guests to their respective breakout rooms. That’s where the fun begins!

For the virtual icebreaker game portion, your teams will choose a preset invention (we have a bunch of suggestions like Time Machine, Teleporter, Animal or Baby Translator, Love Potion, and many more) or create one of their own. The team then “huddles” for 20-30 minutes to build their product from household items, creates a marketing plan, and prepares the pitch for the larger group.

When everyone is ready, each team presents their Invention of the Future to the entire group! Our Master Inventor will evaluate each product and pitch and award gold medals to the winning team, sent directly to you. This program is designed to be one hour long.

Need a new way to bring the remote team back together? Look into your crystal ball and see the future! Take a trip to the year 2112 and build a better mousetrap with TeamBuilding ROI.

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