Virtual Holiday Programs

Tis the season …. the season for Joy and Celebrations and holiday traditions.

virtual treasure hunt

Winter Wonderland Holiday Hunt

This virtual winter treasure hunt takes your group to five gorgeous locales where teams search for the “gifts” to help them crack the code and find the key to the true Spirit of the Holidays. The winning team bestows its found “gifts” to others in the group.

Holiday Charity Tour

This virtual tour takes your group to six locations around the world to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and New Years. At each location teams answer holiday-related trivia questions. The  first team to demonstrate its superior holiday trivia acumen wins and picks a charitable donation.

Holiday Game Show

This holiday-themed twist of our very popular virtual game show will test your teams knowledge of holiday movies, food, history, and traditions. Teams actively compete in this fast paced game, so there’s no time for internet searches! FOOD for 500: Which of these is not a Diwali sweet?

Holiday Bake-along

Every holiday has its specialty foods. Our master baker will work with you to choose one or two traditional baked goods for the holiday of your choice. Members of your group will receive an ingredient and tool list prior to the event so they can bake-along with confidence. Who doesn’t love a kitchen that smells like a holiday!

Option #1
Festive Holiday Roll
90 minutes
Impress your friends and family when you learn how to make this beautiful holiday dessert!

Option #2
Holiday Apps: Soirée in a Snap
60 minutes
This session will give you 6 great tasting appetizer and hors d’oeuvres recipes to keep in your back pocket for your next get together.

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