Virtual Improv

Looking for some laughs? Cause a scene with your team… remotely

virtual treasure hunt

Office-mates shouldn’t have all the Team Fun! We’ve devised hilarious and creative virtual team building games in the name of acting and fun. Led by our live (and highly entertaining) MC, the improv begins with a virtual team icebreaker to determine the order in which teams choose their scenarios. Then each team “huddles” for 15-20 minutes to create characters, sketch some dialog, and discuss props. Each team member must have at least one line to say…the rest of the dialog is up to them!

When everyone is ready, each team presents its improv to the entire group! Our host will evaluate each performance and ultimately award Gold Medals for Best Scene, Actress, Actor, and Costume.

Hosting a Virtual Happy Hour? Need to lighten the mood of your next remote Team Building program? Tickle your Funny Bone and Improvise…with TeamBuilding ROI.

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