Virtual Treasure Hunt

Remote adventurers unite! Take a virtual scenic tour to find hidden treasure with TeamBuilding ROI.

virtual treasure hunt

Office-mates shouldn’t have all the Team Fun! With TeamBuilding ROI’s Virtual Treasure Hunt, your teams working remotely can now band together for a virtual outdoor adventure. They escape the isolation of working at home with our hyper-challenging virtual team building game!

Connected to our live host, each individual team will take virtual tours of exotic scenic locations. They will solve puzzles and work together to win clues and ultimately track down answers that will lead them to a final anagram, which reveals the location of the hidden treasure. The first team to the treasure wins the hunt.

This program is perfect as a virtual ice breaker for groups under 50 but possible for larger groups as well. Virtual Treasure Hunt is designed to last 60-75 minutes and requires that each team member have access to a dedicated computer.

Call us today and break out of that remote silo in the name of teambuilding fun! Have a virtual adventure with TeamBuilding ROI.

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